Power of Fear

Aging, starting a blog, starting a new job or career, going back to school, children leaving the nest, setting new fitness goals, changing relationships, writing a book, success, failure, losing a loved one, or rejection – these are some of my fears. What are some of yours? I’m willing to bet that you could easily make a similar list of your own.

ANYONE who has faced new challenges or transitions in their lives has probably experienced fear of something.   Our rational mind knows that the fear is an illusion of sorts, but there is still that “something” inside of us that is always trying to convince us otherwise. Dr. Susan Jeffers in her book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” refers to this “something” as one’s chatterbox; the little voice inside of us that is trying to drive us crazy and often does.

I’ve been aware of my own for quite some time. My internal chatterbox is always blabbering away.   It had a lot to say when I had the grand idea of starting this blog. The conversation went something like this: “Are you crazy? You don’t know anything about blogging. They’re all gonna to laugh at you (in the voice of the mom in the 1976 movie Carrie). You can’t possibly be serious. What picture are you going to put up? Your recent photos weren’t retouched; your ankles look ashy; your arms look flabby. This is a bad idea! You have nothing relevant to say. No one will read it, why bother. What if someone does read it and then uses your picture for an unscrupulous purpose? OMG, what if it goes viral? You are going to end up on that show; The Internet Ruined My life. You’d better not start a blog (or anything else for that matter). In fact, it’s best if you get off social media all together!”

Good grief! It’s no wonder why so many of us get stuck or are afraid to start.  Internal talk like this is crazy and exhausting. It leads to a state of analysis paralysis, doom and gloom and worst of all, worrying and fear. Fear and its agents can stop us in our tracks, keep us committed to procrastination, anchor us in our past, and keep us from moving forward. Do you recognize similar conversations with your inner voice?  What is your internal chatterbox telling you? 

When committing to personal growth and stretching your abilities in pursuit of your authentic self, you will face with fear. This uncertainty offers a world of possibilities; it keeps life fresh, new, and exciting.

Are ready to take back the helm, then grab your chatterbox by the hand and start your journey today! 

Find a way or style that will allow you to be quiet and listen for the answers.

Use your fear to propel you forward. As Dr. Jeffers would say, are you willing to feel the fear and do it anyway?  If you have questions about how and where to start or want to chat, please reach out.