Rachell provided me with a big boost of confidence and motivation to continue, even when things might seem stagnant or overwhelming. Although it has not changed quite yet, I know that it will soon.

Rachell is a confident and passionate coach who will support you and provide you with the space you need to be yourself and to confront any issues you need to face. She is able to "dance" with you in all directions, but is then able to pull everything you have said and bring it together so that it has a positive effect on you. She is a joy to work with and has a keen sense of people. I highly recommend her as a coach! — Lorraine S.


Working with Rachell has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

From our very first meeting, I have benefitted from her wisdom, intelligence, authenticity, intuitive talents and incredible compassion.  All of these talents are wrapped up in the warmest, most grounded and genuine woman you would ever want to meet.

She has empowered me through some unique and exciting transitions that have really challenged how I previously defined myself. She has forever changed the direction of my life.

Rachell graciously challenged me to rise to my potential and supported me every step of the way as I tackled some really important personal and professional ventures that have catapulted me in a fantastic new direction in my life.  Reflecting on who I was 6 months ago, I honestly don’t even recognize myself in the courage I now effortlessly display every day.   She was the catalyst that caused me to see myself through completely new eyes.

I envision a lifelong partnership with her when I need her wisdom and insight to empower me to consciously evolve.   She has helped me flower into the happiest and most self-actualized person I have ever been. — Pam D.


Rachell guided me to a new style of communicating with my family member.”

Working with her my approach has evolved from a chaotic one to a rational and organized one thus greatly reducing the stress that I had been experiencing. Better communication has benefited the relationship as my family member and I deal with this change.  The best part of my coaching experience is that I feel I can apply the tools that Rachell has provided in future situations with the others in my circle of family and friends. — Chris R.

"Rachell has helped me focus on what matters most to me."

Prior to working with her, I had goals, but not geared toward my values, and as a result, I was spreading myself too thin.  This led me to feel as though my life was not in balance.  Rachell helped me put some concrete goals in place and to take some meaningful actions toward them each day.  By doing this, I feel more in control of my life.  I also feel inspired to delve deeper into my soul, and rediscover myself again - the girl with dreams and passions. 

I found Rachell to be a consummate professional.  She kept me on task and focused on accomplishing my goals. Even though at times, it was difficult for me to talk about some private issues;    it was easy to open up to her, because she is compassionate and caring.  Her insightfulness into our conversations has given me a much needed unbiased perspective. With my busy schedule, finding time to meet was a challenge, but she was very flexible and eager to make time for me. When I first started, I needed accountability and she gave me extra support by allowing me to text her once I completed the task for the day. —Debra M.