Hi... I’m Rachell Kitchen!

I'm a certified professional life and transition coach. Also, I’m a mom, homemaker, now empty nester, former career woman, business owner, and tireless volunteer. I’ve experienced many transitions (good and bad) in my life, and I’m sure, there are many more to come.

From the birth of my daughter three months early, to personal and family health issues, loss of loved ones to illness and violence, divorce, and more.

Most of my life, I was just going through the motions. I saw myself as a doer and as a person that was able to stay on top of things no matter how much got piled on. I was out of balance from over-achieving, over-doing and over-giving.

This never-ending cyclical process drained me of my energy, my joy, and my peace of mind and it affected my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I had no idea who I was and didn’t like who I had become. 

At fifty years old, I recognized all the different transitions I had gone through in my life, some of which I did not choose. I longed to get back to my authentic self, using my strengths to navigate life consciously, purposefully and joyfully. I wanted to create a path forward that would allow me to adapt to situations, be present in them, and move through them with grace.

I’m happy to say that I reached my goals by working with a coach, and I’ve now made it my life’s work to help other women stuck in these very same feelings of self-doubt and fear. Coaching is a vehicle to facilitate real change and significantly shift the course of one’s life. I’m excited to be your partner as you tap into your POWER and LEVEL UP!

A few fun facts about me:

I graduated college with a B.S. degree in Industry & Technology and enjoyed a career as an Industrial Engineer.

I started running later in life. I've been a consistent runner for over four years and half marathoner for a little over two. I've run ten half marathons to date.

I am a contributor in: #Sisterhood Connection: A Year of Empowerment by Elle Da Silva and Alissa Marr, along with 80 or so other women coaches and bloggers. The book is being sold on Amazon right here. I'm featured on page 48. 

I am a coauthor in: Women Thriving Fearlessly in Business arranged by Erika Gilchrist. I'm Chapter 5. Click here to get your copy.